Products Portfolio

Bivocom is a leading IoT and M2M cellular solution provider, dedicated on Industrial Cellular Gateway, Router, RTU and Modem, and its products have been widely used for ATM, POS, vending, gas and oil, water and waste water, ITS, industrial automation, weather, smart grid, smart city, etc.

Industrial 4G Router

TR341 is an Open WRT industrial 4G WIFI router, designed for ideal for M2M and IoT applications, has 1xWAN, 4xLANs, 1xRS232/RS485, with option of Dual SIM and GPS.

Industrial 4G Gateway

TG451 is an Open WRT industrial 4G/3G WIFI gateway, designed for IoT and M2M applications, with 4xLANs, 1xWAN, 1x USB, 1xRS232, 1xRS485, 2xDI and option of 1xCAN, 2xRelay, Dual SIM and GPS, etc.

2-LAN Industrial 4G Router

TR321 is an Open WRT industrial 4G router with compact design, ideal for M2M and IoT applications, has 1xLAN, 1xWAN, 1xRS232/RS485 and WIFI(Option).

Industrial IP Modem(DTU)

TD210 is an industrial cellular IP Modem (DTU), with rich interfaces, 1xRS232/RS485(or RS422) and I/O.

Industrial NB-IoT Modem

TW810 is an industrial NB-IoT Modem, designed for narrow band IoT network, with rich interfaces, 1xRS232/RS485(or RS422), I/O.

Industrial 4G RTU

TJ710 is an industrial 4G/3G RTU, designed for modern intelligent agricultural irrigation system, which has been used to remote monitor irrigation pumping well, water control, to improve the efficiency of irrigation water.